"My Words Have Power"


Clarence Reveals He Deceived Josiah 

by: Nicole Kim Phillips

Clarence was trying his best to be patient waiting for Josiah to arrive at his home.  It was less impatience and and more of his need to maintain independence that was affecting him.  Clarence was use to getting up and moving about, driving himself around.  The waiting, and this slowed down reality he was now living in, is something that Clarence knew he would have to get use to.  He had rode in an Uber, when he commuted in New York. Unlike waiting for Josiah with no idea when he would arrive, Uber offers its customers the convenience of real-time tracking, of the driver who is scheduled to perform the pickup.  At least Josiah had agreed to help me today, thought Clarence.  There is no sense worrying about how long it takes him to get here.  Having a cup of tea always calmed Clarence down, so he decided to make some tea.  Lemon ginger tea was stored in an oblong plastic container, on top of the microwave, and Clarence grabbed a pack of tea. Then he reached to get his favorite mug from the extra large dish rack, on top of the counter.  The sound of water made Clarence recall details of the fall that he had not revealed to Josiah, Shawn or anyone else. 

Nicole had actually caused him to fall.  Clarence knew Nicole could be impossible, when it came to Shawn, but this was one time she went to far.  He thought, how cruel, she could have helped break my fall, but she chose to catch the box with the hand painted tea pot in it.  I'm almost sure, Shawn is having her investigated. It's no telling what she is capable of.  Clarence shook his head and said aloud, "I don't know why I'm helping her, but I can empathize with her and I do understand her wanting to spend more time with her husband".  Let me just breathe, Clarence mumbled.  He counted to 10, then ran some water into his mug and set the microwave at 2.5 minutes.  While Clarence was steeping his tea, his phone rng.  Josiah had arrived.  Clarence let him in and said, "the first order of business is to let me finish my tea.  Josiah laughed and so did Clarence.  I was getting a bit irritated because I'm not use to waiting for anyone to take me around.  Josiah replied, "I don't mind at all.  In fact, I'm making it a priority to start to help others.  That's great Josiah. Keep me informed of your progress.  Where I'd like to start today is, at the...

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