One Italian Summer Book Review

In relationship, there may be pressing circumstances that present challenges that you find yourself in requiring a decision that can be life changing, ending or reestablishing the bond shared with a husband, wife, soulmate, partner, or something else.  Whatever label or description used, working through difficult situations can sometimes happen best during separation.  "One Italian Summer" found the main characters confused about marriage, questioning weather to stay or end it all, after being together since their college days.  Falling in and out of love is not uncommon today.  Numbers to support findings listed by The American Psychological Association list a 33% probability of first marriages ending within the first 10 years.  In 2023, the divorce rate in the United States was somewhere between 40-50%.  Deciding to call it quits, after taking those steps down the aisle is not like quitting smoking.  Instead of dirty, polluted lungs, infidelity, lies and more make up the filth that often causes a rift in the relationship.  More than ashes may be left behind, when the smoke clears.  If there are no children, property may be considered before a final decision is made.  The characters end up with so much to figure out, and reading this book is likely to have an affect on you, especially if you are against divorce.  You will be consumed by the main characters, and the suspense will remain thick right up to the very end.  

Imagine having the freedom of making an important decision in a place...far...far away within the romantic confines of Positano, Italy, where boutiques, good food, hiking trails, and a cozy hotel environment provide leisure akin to a vacation.  It will be easy to get swept into the scenes of this book.  Think of traveling by boat to partake in your next adventure of drinks and dancing with food like octopus on a plate to wet your palette.  Besides tickling your fantasy with ideas of how romantic and perfect Positano can be before tourist season, Author Rebecca Serle captured popular spots in Capri and Naples with a voice celebrating the Mother and Daughter bond while also presenting the tightrope pressure of temptation.  To cheat or not to cheat -vs- til death do us part vows are both highs and lows you can expect to explore.  The book does not read like a romantic novel, but when the love scenes arrive, the action will seem intense.  Do not pass on this book, or you will be cheating yourself out of a nice ride through an archway experience, where a kiss is believed be powerful enough to secure a relationship for about 30 years.  Still, not convinced that "One Italian Summer" is worthy of taking to bed?  Consider, the theme of dealing with death, the stages of grief, and heart throbbing words like "interlocking hands" with a hint of nostalgia from a faithful husband.

Thinking of slimy, octopus may end up making you cringe like seeing gremlins and drool.  However, there will be loads of other food at the table to make you hungry, as these characters flirt and insult each other.  Enjoying a snack or a cool drink will get you through less superficial ideas like: reincarnation, the after life, and miracles.  The possibilities and challenges, presented by these ideas, make death seem a lot lighter.  Reading this book made me feel a lot more loved, and I hope it has the same affect on you.  Like me, you should understand the importance of pondering who has or is offering their love and affection to ensure your focus is in the right place.  A funny thing about this "Book Club Read" is, it ended with me wearing 2 right shoes, but by God and interlocking hands, it was worth the confusion.   "One Italian Summer" is a story with grief made beautiful. 

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